Jiangsu Hormone Research Institution Co., Ltd.Jiangsu Hormone Research Institution Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd.
• P. C.: 213200
• Add:95 Huanyuan N. Road, Economic Development Zone, Jintan, Jiangsu 213200, China
• Tel of Domestic Trade Department: +86-519-82824504
• Trade of Foreign Trade Department: +86-519-82821700
• Fax: +86-519-82883308
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Located at Jintan in southern Jiangsu, “the land of fish and rice”, Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd., is one of China’s top agrochemical researching organization, initially focusing on the research of insect pheromones and plant hormones and now taking pride in its top quality sulfonylurea herbicides, pyrethroid insecticides, plant growth regulators and fine chemical intermediates guaranteed by its highly trained scientists, enthusiastic staff and sophisticatedly equipped laboratories and plants.

Certified with ISO9001, ISO14000 and OHSAS18001, Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd., has turned out to be amanufacturer active in import and export trading, with strong support from its well-trained and experienced researching team with...

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